KEDO Catalogues

KEDO has many long-standing regular customers who have accompanied us to this day. We are very grateful for this! Thanks to their loyalty and motivation, we have become the leading supplier of spare and special parts for Yamaha XT and SR models today.

Our catalogue with its distinctive format is a collector's item, reference book and source of inspiration all in one. With just under 700 pages now, we are increasingly reaching our limits. This is where the internet comes into play. In our new webshop we offer even more: in addition to parts for SR500 and XT/TT500/600, you will also find accessories and spare parts for other YAMAHA motorbikes such as XTZ660/750, TDM, TRX, MT and XSR as well as the new longing enduro XTZ690, better known as T700. We now also have a separate catalog for the T700, which you can also view and download here.

KEDO History

In 1992, KEDO was founded by Erik Kerger and Daniel Doritz in Hamburg. In the beginning, they shipped from their private home. The forerunner of the catalogue were stapled lists in A4 format with the spare parts that were urgently needed at the time. Things moved quickly, the first move provided more space.

From the very beginning, computer specialist Erik set up an enterprise resource planning system, followed by one of the very first webshops in the industry. In addition to sales and shipping, other products were constantly being developed, and the close contact with the scene provided plenty of feedback that was directly incorporated into development and improvement. In 2001, the KEDO catalogue had just under 300 pages and went out to customers with 12.000 copies, 20 years later it had just under 700 pages and 50.000 copies.

Today, our team consists of 27 employees, all highly motivated. Five employees alone are in sales and advice, and with fresh ideas and professional processing they ensure that orders run smoothly. We at KEDO are at your side with help and advice, solving every problem. Friendliness and fairness in our dealings are at the forefront.