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E-Starter-Kit 'XSTART' Basic Set with Battery Pack (replaces original tool box, battery is not charged by vehicle generator)

Application: XT500'86- (12V off-the-shelf version, w/ standard magnet wheel)

Nuts & Bolts 'XSTART' Retrofit E-Starter

The 'XSTART' contains a 1kW starter motor with alternator cover, adapter for the original flywheel, freewheel, drive chain and starter relay, all the necessary accessories and detailed, illustrated instructions for quick and easy installation. The lithium battery (LiFePo4) is located in a housing modelled on the original toolbox and is mounted in the position of the original toolbox.

Depending on the temperature, the battery can complete up to 100 starts on one charge. It must then be recharged using the enclosed 230V charger. The battery is not combined with the vehicle's electrical system.

The starting current of the starter motor is 300A, with a peak current of 600A, the 4S lithium battery has sufficient reserves. The temperature range of -20°C to +60°C is absolutely suitable for practical use. The battery can be charged either on the vehicle or at home and can be removed without tools. The manufacturer recommends charging the battery after every journey as standard.

We naturally include a new alternator cover gasket with every kit. A simple flywheel counterholder is supplied, but we recommend our counterholder item 20114 for easier and damage-free installation of the flywheel adapter. The flywheel does not need to be dismantled.

Required accessories:

  • Shift lever with more distance to the housing than the original foot shift lever, e.g. item 40455
  • Accessory engine guard, if the large original engine guard is used and is not to be modified, there are various designs to choose from, e.g. item 60607, KTH-10079B, KTH-10077


Is it necessary to look at the TDC sight glass to start the motorbike?

No, when using the starter motor, the position of the piston/camshaft is irrelevant.

Is it necessary to readjust the ignition when fitting the XSTART kit?

No, the installation of the kit does not require any adjustment of the ignition, the flywheel is not removed.

Is it necessary to pull the deco lever when using the starter motor?

No, but it is recommended in order to reduce the power consumption of the starter motor and the battery.

Can I charge the battery without removing it from the motorbike?

Yes, you just need to loosen a rubber plug on the new 'tool box' and plug in the charger.

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Motorcycle ApplicationXT500'86- (12V off-the-shelf version, w/ standard magnet wheel)
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