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Overhaul of Rocker Arm Bearing, complete (Price for both axles, we need the cylinder head cover for customization)

Application: SR500, TT500, XT500

SR/TT/XT500 Repair of Rocker Arm Axle Bearings

  • If the bearings of the rocker arm axles are worn out, the rocker arms are no longer in clean contact with the camshaft, which leads to greatly increased wear and unsightly mechanical noises, as the valve clearance can no longer be adjusted precisely.
  • The inaccessible position of the axle bearing in the cylinder head cover requires special tools, the repair is associated with considerable effort.
  • After repair, the use of our direct lubrication is recommended, as this is the only way to ensure optimum oil supply to both rocker arms.
  • The worn fits are repaired with specially made bronze bushings. Please send us your rocker arms and rocker axles for fitting.
  • The price is for the renewal of both axle bearings
Product is Built-To-Order.

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Motorcycle ApplicationSR500, TT500, XT500
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